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JNUO wins 5 “Nanshan Awards”

2024-03-11 17:43:06

The most influential selection in the domestic air purification industry, the public welfare prize "Nanshan Award" named after Academician Zhong Nanshan, was recently awarded to motivate the most influential brands and innovative products in the industry. JNUO's antibacterial and deodorising air purifier won the 2020 Science and Technology Innovation Product Award from more than 200 participating companies.

November 28, 2020, by the Chinese Indoor Air Purification Brand Cluster in Guangdong Province, Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation, Guangdong Province, indoor environmental hygiene industry associations to organize and carry out the "attention to the indoor environment, care for children with leukemia," the summit forum was held in Guangzhou Pearl River Hotel Conference Center. China indoor air purification brand cluster chairman, "Republican Medal" winner Zhong Nanshan academician, former deputy director of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China's brand building to promote the chairman of the board of directors of the average Liu, Suzhou Chen Xia Love Charity Foundation Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chen Xia, and experts and scholars from around the country in the field of air purification, as well as the Guangdong Province, the Indoor Environmental Hygiene Industry Association all member representatives and more than 700 people. Industry Association of Guangdong Province, more than 700 people attended the meeting.

As an independent research and development production of high-tech enterprises, JNUO has approved or published 24 invention patents, 43 utility model patents, 18 design patents, 11 software copyrights, another 14 invention patents, 29 utility model patents, and so on. JNUO also cooperates with Tsinghua University and other universities in production, teaching and research projects, the product technology is in the leading position in the industry.


JNUO in the field of technology to explore, so far in the "ultimate quiet, ultra-high energy efficiency, the limit of the cost" of the three outstanding advantages far more than peers.JNUO never stop the exploration of technological innovation, is committed to creating more excellent air purification products.

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